In the last few weeks Lanette and I have had the wonderful privilege of preaching for, and honoring several friends of ours. It all started a few months ago as I reflected in the loss of my wonderful mother and two precious sisters in the span of 18 months. Janet died of cancer and left us 7 months after she was diagnosed and my sister Linda passed away suddenly from an aortic aneurysm.

While I was reflecting on how fleeting life is and how fragile we are, knowing that none of us have the promise of tomorrow, the Lord spoke to my spirit and said, “I want you to go and honor the ones I send you to and place my blessing upon them for you know not what’s going to happen tomorrow.”

I told the Lord if he would open the door I would walk through it. A few days afterwards, Gary Pierson (Brother Jack Cunningham’s son-in-law and assistant), called and invited us to honor Jack & Elsy Cunningham for Pastor Appreciation and their 34th Wedding Anniversary. Wow! Just that fast, God opened the door.

Within just a few weeks, Ken Gurley and Nathan Hurst invited me to come and speak to their churches. We just completed the preaching circuit in obedience to the voice of the Lord that started on Sunday, September 23 and culminated on Sunday, November 4.

As it happened, I was praying right before preaching at Brother Gurley’s church. The Lord spoke to me and said, “Because you have obeyed me I will multiply the blessing you place on your friends and it will rebound to you many fold.”

When preaching for Brother Hurst in Hollister, CA, Sister Hurst told my wife and I that the Lord spoke to her and said, “Because you were willing to obey the Lord and bless us the blessing will come back to you many times over.” What a confirmation! The honor principle really does work.

Although the fullness of that prophetic word has not yet been fulfilled, I have every confidence and assurance that if I war with that prophecy, it will come to pass even as the Lord has spoken it. I want to thank the First Pentecostal Church saints for being so patient and kind to let me go during this season and yes, the blessing is on its way!

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